<p><strong>Около 30 лет на страже интересов наших клиентов</strong></p>
Около 30 лет на страже интересов наших клиентов

Interbank Security Service Group of Companies (MSB GC) was established on the basis of the security company Interbank Security Service CJSC created in 1992.

Officers of the State Security Committee (KGB) of the USSR / the Security Ministry of the Russian Federation (the Main Department of Border Security Troops, the 1st and 3rd Main Departments, the 7th and 9th Departments of the KGB of the USSR) who were released from active duty stood at the origins of MSB.

For over 30 years, MSB has been one of the few Russian companies providing its Customers with integrated ("turnkey") security in different areas in cooperation with its partners and law-enforcement agencies as well as assisting Russian and foreign firms in business support and development.

MSB makes recruitment its priority. Top-ranked officers of the law-enforcement agencies of the Russian Federation (the Federal Security Service, Federal Guard Service, Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD), Ministry of Defense, Emergency Control Ministry etc.), released from active duty mostly, are employed in MSB.

All of the security companies' employees are insured pursuant to the current laws, have been trained at dedicated educational institutions, have private security officer certificates, have been scrutinized by the MVD, have a proven qualification and real-world experience as well as pass annual health examinations concerning absence of drug substances in the body and are periodically tested as to aptitude to act in the conditions related to use of firearms and impact munition.

All of the employees providing security to facilities: of the "luxury" category, banks, bodyguards, inventories transportation support groups providing armed escort of money and jewelry in armored special vehicles, of other important facilities, besides the supervisors of facilities and shifts undergo mandatory psychophysiological testing with the polygraph. MSB has the following firearms in its inventory: the duty guns IZh 71, MR 71, caliber 9 mm (Makarov gun equivalent); the duty shotgun Saiga 410 KV, caliber 410 (Kalashnikov assault rifle equivalent); bullet-proof vests, rubber truncheons, handcuffs; communication means; special armored vehicles. All of the vehicles are equipped with the GLONASS global navigation satellite system.